Riddicle - TheCreeperMatik // To all you Riddim Dubstep fans out there

I tested myself to work on a genre I’ve never worked on and make it 100% through Auxy.

Here’s a little something I did as an experiment.
(It isn’t a full song, but if you want me to make it one, then vote it down)



I was expecting some roots/dub…

Is Riddim some new thing the kids are doing these days?

Honestly I was just bored and tried to make something close to Riddim, can’t really do much without certain sounds :sweat_smile:

And I’m pretty sure Riddim dates back to around 2011, but only a few producers still make Riddim tracks these days. It’s like a subgenre of dubstep, I think.

Woaahh neat!

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Riddims have been around since at least the 1960s, although these days I think most people associate them to ‘digital’ riddims like Sleng Teng. Definitely works well with dubstep.

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Ah yeah, if you’re referring to the reggae riddim, then sorry to disappoint you D:

It would be cool to incoroprate reggae into Auxy as well, I quite like some particular reggae songs.
(Not sure if an Auxy producer out there has already made reggae though)

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Fwiw, my first thought was also dub (reggae), but apparently…


Should I change the thread name to “Modern” Riddim? :joy:
Just to avoid confusion

There are still artists doing dub/reggae ‘riddim’ today.
‘Riddim Dubstep’ would clarify things. :slight_smile:


Such a good article, read that awhile back but so good haha…

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Yep. I post it anytime I get the chance!
Still hunting for a MT40 though…

Dancehall was one of the genres I listened to a lot growing up, right around that mid-'80s, Wayne Smith, Yellowman, Tenor Saw, Barrington Levy, etc… era. Under Me Sleng Teng was a massive genre hit and is still a personal (genre) favourite for me, but…

…I can’t help but expect the breakbeats to kick in thanks to SL2’s use of it from the early '90s…

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Thanks for the share! I love how you can listen to stuff that came out decades ago and draw a parallel to all newer stuff in one way or another, like the first vibe I got from this was The Prodigy and I can totally see how stuff like this fueled all that crazy crap I listened to in my formative years.

That breakbeat tho damn. I’m gettin old, they just don’t do it like this anymore lol…

Riddim dubstep fan here :slight_smile:

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