Reset Auxy Instrument Back to Default Settings

Hi Guys.

How do you reset an Auxy instrument back to its default settings?



I know switching it doesn’t work… I think you’d have to create a new one and copy the patterns to it, or move the patterns

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Full volume full Lowpass about 1/4 reverb
And everything else all the way down

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Assuming you mean it’s “stock” form, ie how it was upon creation, you can drag tone, shape to 0, low pass and volume to maximum, reverb to 1/3, delay to 0, pan to center.


I don’t think we have enough knobs yet for this to really be an issue but yeah

I agree
But I also think we need more nobs

Thanks guys, I’ll just do that. Easy enough. I thought at one time there was a way to do it by double tapping on a knob. I’m probably thinking of another app though.

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To be fair, double tap to reset SHOULD be the default on most music/synth apps. It’s pretty common

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