Resample in a different DAW

I have no idea where this should go so its going here :man_shrugging:t4:

Are there any Logic Pro X users, and if so, how much would you benefit from an Alchemy pack made from most synths in Auxy (if against ToS then I won’t do it)? I for one would benefit greatly and tbh the synths are super easy to sample with Alchemy, which would give me a little bit more workability with probably the best presets in the game, with having access to OTT/Ozone/Sosig Fattener without having to bounce the WAVs every time I wanna make a change.

I just think it would be a really cool thing, and if its not against Auxy ToS then I defo wanna do it and release it here, free ofc

Yep, this definitely breaks the terms of service, just a heads up.

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Good heads up :pray:t4:

That said, there’s no reason why you can’t export stems to another DAW and use whatever FX chain you want, that’s cool obviously. You just can’t repackage these sounds and distribute them.