'Replies in a row' limit. Disable for higher level members?


Forum settings currently limit how many posts a member can make in a row, within a thread, to three.

Is it possible to disable that limit for members above a certain trust level?
(Or can someone post something, so it resets my posts-in-a-row limit? :wink:

I ask bc I’m prevented from adding more posts to this thread…

Ofc, I could start a new thread, but it’s handy to have that kind of info contained in a single thread.
Alternatively, I could simply stop sharing stuff like this. (Tbh, it’s unclear if anyone’s getting any value from that info — though it’s aimed at encouraging members to push their music a bit further by showing the what/how.)

yeah i think increasing this number after a certain trust level would be pretty nice
btw you can post there again, i made there a post

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i mean it was made for people not to spam and i get it but i don’t think that the person with the highest trust level would spam like a psychopath (pretty much one of the reasons why they are named trust levels)

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Thx :+1:

Could not be set per trust level but changed it to 10 now.

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