Repeating Patterns EP - Vveerrgg [Detroit Techno, Electro / EDM]

I’m Vveerrgg… just joined the forum… and here’s my first couple of near finished tracks on Auxy. Hope you enjoy, feel free to give feedback or comment.

I’ve wanted to get back into techno music for a while now and decided that 2019 was going to be my year to honestly work on new music… New technology… new processes… and just getting back to that spirit of it.

– …bit of context –
Over the holidays I cranked out a couple of short clips of tracks I’d noodled away with on Auxy. (I’m definitely a new fan of the app and totally get it & love it) It’s VERY easy to just loose hours to it.

Anyways… contextually these are just stems / cuts of what I would normally use to build into 4 - 6min tracks for Dj’ing in software or pressing to vinyl. Normally I would just use them in my dj mixes that I post on Soundcloud, but sometimes I try and make music videos etc… but it’s been a long time since I’ve done any of that. I’m just trying to re-discover my headspace on it all.


Welcome back!

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Loved them all. :black_heart:

Welcome the the forums!

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Some solid techno… nice! I really enjoy the last one

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Nice :+1: liked the first and last ones a lot.

On the first one, maybe slightly increase the sidechain for the bass (especially when the bar is full with 16th notes) – also maybe turn down the volume of the “Dollar” hihat, it’s kinda piercing where it is now. Other than that, these are good concepts, can’t wait to see what you do with them!

Thank you. Definitely some solid feedback. I’m still getting my legs under me with the volumes and automations.

When I get on a computer and not in headphones I’ll give the tracks a tweak with your suggestions

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