Remix my track!


Im super interested in seeing what kind of remixes you guys would do. Use any kind or amount of sounds you want. Please feel free to download, remix and share your version of the track with me.

Download the project file in the Auxy Feed ( Stratosphere )

I’ll try :wink: expect a trap flip!

Looking forward to it

Hey @Otzsil ! I did the thing!

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You got your song featured!

I’ll try something.

I have a dank mix coming, it’s lit

Can’t wait!

Now you can go ahead a remix it if you want

SoundCloud link -

I did it


@Otzsil hope you like it

Dude that’s awsome


I’m in the process of making a vaporwave remix

Nice work dude!

@Otzsil thank you. there’s so many nice people here, it’s great

Love it

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