REMIX CONTEST VJM - A Memory of a Dream

What’s up everyone!

To commemorate the one-year anniversary of my first album, “A Memory of a Dream”, I’m hosting a remix contest!
Here’s how this is going to work:

  • Each artist can choose one song from the track list below to remix.

  • Post your remix to SoundCloud and share link to this thread.

  • Please tell me which song you would like to remix before you post.

  • Winners will be judged by quality, uniqueness, and how well they stuck to the original track.

  • If you have the only remix of a song by the deadline, you have no competition and win by default!

  • The winners’ songs will be added to a playlist on my Soundcloud account featured below. The winners will also get a repost and follow by me.

  • The winner with my personal favorite remix will get two reposts!

  • The deadline is to be decided.

  • If anyone would like to judge with me, that would be great.

The link to the album on SoundCloud is here:

The track list is below:

(Intro) A Memory of a Dream


Forgotten Faces

Point of No Return


the vision


A Dream of a Memory


Forgotten faces sounds cool

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I did Morpheus into a big room style track

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Ooh, I’m interested. Imma see what I can make from your songs!

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