(remix contest) surf - low


i figured since it got like 100 plays that i should hold a remix contest for it…

if you haven’t heard it, here it is: low

here’s the project file: low project

link your remixes down below! i’ll make art for my favorite remixes and upload them to my soundcloud!


Another “Low” remix contest. Wow. I told you that there were a lot of remix contests going around @Shif7. Since there’s no due date, I can try.


ok, sure, ill give it a go. ill post my track once i finish it.

*Edit: welp I don’t have the packs/ premium for this… and unlike in the last version I can’t change them to instruments I can edit. So this might be hard


I made a project using editable sounds for you.


Here’s mine:


Kept it pretty chill.
Love your songs btw!! Keep it up!


I kept mine Hip-Hop.


When does the contest finish?


it doesn’t have an end date, it’s open for anyone to remix for as long as this topic exists on the forum


well i decided to remake my song “low”, here’s my updated version: https://soundcloud.com/surfmusicinc/low-2019-version


if anyone still wants to remix this song, i can send them the updated project file


Can I remix this?

P.S. I’m a Auxy demo user, so can you change the sounds to demo sounds? (excluding sounds for effects and drums)


Can I still remix?


yea, i’ll link the project on this thread and have a link to the samples i used too