Remix contest for my track ‘Hiatus’

Hey all, been a while since I posted here but I thought it’s time I do another remix contest!

Remix my track ‘Hiatus’ in any way you like. The winner will have their track featured on my YouTube channel and promoted on my Twitter. Feel free to share your own remixes on your own socials though.

The deadline is May 20th where I will announce the winner.
Good luck!

Auxy project:



On it

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I’ll try smt

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done already lol


Ill give it a try


Love this track, dude! Gonna see what I can do with it :ok_hand:

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9 days left!!

Oh crap! I gotta do more to it

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Ayo man this is a fire track!

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My attempt

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Damn people still using my drum kit from a year ago

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Here’s what I’ve done so far, ill be finishing it off on Ableton i think

I really changed it up alot though didn’t I🤣

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@Octave can I have till the 14th cuz im almost done but school is getting in the way and I won’t be finished in time

Honestly same lmao, gotta make some art for it

Nvm looks like ill be done in the next hour or so

Reply to this when the times up cuz I wanna see who wins

Okay i’m done :white_check_mark:

Am finally done

When u gonna announce the winner?

Hey all, since people seem to need a bit more time, I’m extending the date to the 20th!