Remix any track and post it here

Here. I made a remix of the last featured song, Stratosphere:

:open_mouth: VERY nice work! I LOVED it! I think this could be feature worthy! :grin:

Pretty good! Even better than mine! :+1:


I made I remix of the stratosphere song too.

Please do listen and give feedback

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This is my remix of “the calling” by intrepid❤️

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Daam i love it


I love that! Keep it up!

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Great remix! I enjoyed listening to it.

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Here’s a remix of notmiles’ “Vine Swinger Jam” he made for your bass/mallet challenge. I enjoyed making it, and really liked how turned out!
Here it is:

I like it! Definite :+1: to you.

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Here’s another remix: Poseidon by Bradley Saint James:

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You Got To Go by Above and Beyond


I love it! :+1: Good job :clap: :clap::clap::clap::clap::clap:



I remixed the Phendrana Drifts theme from Metroid Prime (before automation came out)