Remakes of OMFG & Curbi!

Hello guys !

I just realized that nobody made remakes of existing songs. So, I made some (only by earing) with free packs so anybody can play with them.

OMFG - Dying
Not finished, copy the chords, the Puppy and the Bow of I Love You if you want

OMFG - I Love You
Complete !

Curbi & Fox Stevenson - Hoohah
WARNING don’t put all the instruments together for this song

People have made remakes before.


For example @Eswyn made a remake of deadmau5 The Veldt.

And @anon41616463 remade Animals by Martin Garrix (original pack only btw).


I’m about to put all instruments together just to see what happens
Edit: I did it and nothing happened :unamused:

Sorry I didn’t saw it :joy:

Yeah but it’s just bad together :joy: