Regarding The Beacon Community Project

I can’t repost until @BSJ Brad changes Austin to aUstin. But it’s a really cool behind the curtain surprise that I love and everyone else here should show it some love too


This song should be featured in app! Great job guys!
@anechoik @aUstin_Haga @GOD @xavior @MR_ANDERSON @Southborne @Otzsil


Great job pinging everyone on the site :raised_hands:

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You’d think something like that would be a cluster cluck but somehow it isn’t. Great job :tired_face::ok_hand:

Anyone wanna do a part 2? I was thinking of doing one of these for a while, idk if y’all would be ok with it but if so, lmk and I’ll start it

How many auxy producers does it take to make a dope track…?


And the track is fricken fire!!

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It takes 8. :wink:

I’d be very interested to hear how the Beacon Community Project track was put together, from a collaboration project perspective. Any of those involved fancy sharing how it all went down and how each of you worked on it and how it came together as the final piece?

Any high points? Any particular challenges?

(I would ask this on the original announcement thread, assuming there was one, but a search doesn’t show it.
Or was this thread it?)

You @ mentioned a lot of people! XD

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