Reflecting (A WYA77 + Conux EP)

I appreciate literally anyone who listens to this. You don’t even need to end up liking it. I just ask you at LEAST try it out


Not the kind of thing I’d usually listen to but I quite like it.


Thanks man

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really really great job. vocals are insanely good and the backing tracks are awesome


I dig this quite a bit. You’ve got R&B vibes which I don’t hear around here much. On Mute, your vocal chops are quite nice. On Blind, I feel like you’re holding back (kind of like if you were trying to record while mom and dad were in the other room - I’ve been in the same boat, I’m STILL in the same boat (like I really want my wife or kids to hear me screeching into a mic that I’ll fix in post-production haha)).

Tome is so good, don’t hear this guy enough. Hands down my favorite on this is Mute. All the tracks sit REALLY well together, you done good.

I hate to be this guy, but in the spirit of keeping things organized around here, this was Auxy or FL?


I believe FL, but in my defense the channel is called post your TRACKS. I don’t see anywhere where it says it has to be Auxy

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#off-topic, but I wouldn’t mind this being revisited.

The Auxy team has openly said they expect the app to be used in conjunction with other software.
I personally only ever use Auxy for generating ideas/loops before moving elsewhere.

Perhaps we could have some kind of tagging system to indicate what we used?

Seeing as how Auxy now has Live export, and due to devs stating what Blakkaz says, I agree it might not be a bad idea to revisit. Will kick up a dm to get the ball rolling and not clog up here further. Will leave all alone for now.