Red Kite – Lowey [hiphop/electronic]


I’m still not dead!

Here’s the latest thing to fall out of my copy of Auxy:

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You got a very talented cat!!

I like it, I was like whaaat? When I saw you listed 160bpm, that’s usually more like a DnB tempo but you’ve got it running at half time so it’s got more of a hip hop pace going on.

Great texture! I’m a sucker for texture in pieces. Good to see ya again :slight_smile:

Cat?? :smiley_cat:

I think I’m missing something here :joy:

Yeah I thought about tagging it 2-step, but couldn’t be arsed. Maybe I should have done. Defining (and, indeed, working within) genres is not my strong suit.

Hoping to be back in the game a bit more again now. I’m like a bad penny…

“Look what the cat” … y’knowed… “out.” :poop: :smile_cat:

Ooooooh :joy: I’m obviously going senile, I’d completely forgotten I’d written that! :joy::joy:


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I like this a lot!! I don’t know if I’d consider it Dubstep, but its sick nonetheless. Love the chords. Really creepy, but I like that. Drums are nice too!!

Versatility: 7/10
Creativity: 9/10
Predictability: 8/10
Use of Instruments/Automation: 9/10
Feeling: 7/10

Overall: 40/50 Keep up the good work!


Thanks for the feedback :slight_smile: And yeah, I’ll probably drop the “dubstep” tag.

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I could totally see this as a rap beat if a low pass was added to the leads. Dope, man!

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I’d be open to collaborating with anyone who can rap :blush:

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