Reckoning - NorthEast [Project, Remixable]

Feedback and suggestions are expected, but not required

Also, Remixes can be submitted as feedback.

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7 clicks, but no feedback? What’s going on?

I like the start.
Bee wasn’t the best choice for the bass.
The first note of the bass is a bit dissonant
Otherwise it’s great

I. Must. Stop. It. But. I. Can’t. Help. It.

But really this song of yours is great.

I’ve had it for a while, and only recently recovered it


This text will be blurred


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I will say it’s good, and it makes me want to change the name of the song to “Remember” because that’s what the vibe feels like. However the end just sounds odd. I was thinking you could probably change it to a fade-out kind of outro, yknow?

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How about this outro?

I dunno, see for yourself!

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