Recalled - E/E [Ambient]

Now I know what you all are thinking, “Oh jeez he’s made another song! It must be bad since it’s so soon after his last song!” But listen, hear me out on this one. It’s not actually bad either ;3

I had this song planned for last wednesday, the day before the drum update because it was ready and I wanted to release it then. However, some things came up. Such as the update actually releasing Wednesday, my eXodus Chamber release with @MrSerpent, and the fact that this song originally was going to be that release. However, the update happened a day early for me, so that threw me off. Also me and Mr. Serpent went with a different idea built off of the demo for this track. They may sound similar in that way.

This track is based more on Moemx’s style of ambient, while the release on eXodus is more influenced by Stereofield’s style of ambient. They’re sort of like a musical equivalent to siblings. Anyway, with that little bit of exposition out of the way, enjoy my newest release, “Recalled”.

not bad, not bad.

i think i’m the last person who can judge that. i posted 3 tracks in 2 days i think.

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Lol, it’s just me having a sense of humor xD thanks though! ^w^