#ReadMe: Promotion strategies

This thread is dedicated to articles, videos, etc… about promoting your music releases.

(Note: It’ll be a spread of opinions and guidance, rather than hard rules. Feel free to add your own links, etc…)

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Something to get the ball rolling…

Notes on YouTube music ad revenue changes…

YouTube is planning to show more ads to viewers who use YT for effectively streaming music, either via longer mixes, ‘stations’ or automated ‘Mix’ playlists.

While this is not great for viewers, it should improve YT revenue for musicians as their music will be placed alongside ads more frequently.

YouTube Will ‘Frustrate’ Some Users With Ads So They Pay for Music (Mar, 2018)

YouTube will increase the number of ads that some users see between music videos, part of a strategy to convince more of its billion-plus viewers to pay for a forthcoming subscription music service from the Google-owned video site.

Some interesting points about marketing music and building an audience in the new music model…

Interestingly, in this video, he talks about unpolished transparency and how that can help build an audience today.
He mentions giving his audience access to his experiments and undeveloped ideas.

I recently removed most of my ‘sketches’, which represented around half of my SoundCloud content.
My plan was to not post them any more, even though I liked doing it.

But, now, I’m wondering how I can continue to make my sketches and experiments available, but repackage them in a semi-exclusive way.

Interesting to think about how our sketches and experiments could form an important part of our ‘brand’ as music makers.