Rap/Hip Hop Beats... Post Here

Muhahaha Dirty Bubble Here! I’m sharpening my beat skills and trying to find more vibe for my music. Curious If there are other AUXY users who make rap beats? Post here!


I do! I have a few on my soundcloud and upload others to BeatStars.

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Yeah your song temple is dope

Here’s and Eminem type beat I worked on. I think it has a cool vibe but could it be more polished or have more instruments? I feel like it’s really easy to overdo sounds in rap music. Is simple better?

another good trap producer on here. I’ve been looking for people like you to collab with but most people stick to edm type genres.

and simple can be better depending on your melody and drums. if you have a busier melody keep the drums simple and sharp but if you have a simpler melody go harder on the drums.

I make beats sometimes. Well, a lot of the time actually.
There’s definitely an art to making beats, and more specifically, rap beats. Finding a balance between simplicity and complexity can often be quite difficult, especially when factoring in what you are looking to do with your beat. For example, making a rap beat, you definitely have to leave more room for a rapper to work around. Now, that doesn’t mean ditch everything and just have a drum pattern, everything must have a balance.

More things to add, drums can really make or break your beat. I find myself generally using a hard kick, a soft yet clicky clap, and also some hi hats on the softer side. 808 snares can be used really well, as well as rimshots, but I feel that using a snare for the 3rd beat generally creates a different type of vibe than using a clap. Another thing that I found found really works is using regular and soft hi hats back and forth, which adds a lot of bounce. I’ll add a project file showing certain drums and tricks.
I added another trick where you use offset to make a hi hat roll with 1/48s.

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I’ve definitely make beats here and there! Here’s the most recent public one

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Oh yeah that’s cool!