Random One Thousand Plays?

My song got over a thousand plays on one day. Can anybody explain that? I don’t think it’s legit so I’m wondering what happened

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It’s happened to me too

Good for you, I guess.

Four Lads Breakdanced in London?

It’s a really good (and hilarious track :joy:) but it only has 28 likes. Tracks with 1,000 plays usually have 50-70 likes.

So… either a bot purge or the same people love to constantly listen to it.

But still, congrats!


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What else is it supposed to go in?

Title: Random One Thousand Plays
Category: Random


good on you man!

1000 in a day? I’ll take it


Aye one of them was me.

I also sent it to willne idk why.

m a g i c