Random note playing without sound and not showing the scene moving glitch

I realized that I haven’t made a thread in a while.

So one day, I closed my iPad with a loop playing, and when I came back to it, it showed the notes playing, but the scene wasn’t moving and there was no sound.

if your wondering why it says “screen recording saved to files”, it’s because I recorded a video of this as well.

Also, it was 150bpm, but it was moving at the speed of 300bpm.

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Something happened to me like that one time. I accidentally closed my ipad and opened it to the home screen but the song started up again when I turned the Ipad back on. When i turned it off again, it stopped. But that’s not really like what you are dealing with.

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lol that’s not a glitch, background audio just doesn’t work when it’s off

I have this glitch daily, though it’s not that big of a deal. Just restart Auxy.

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