Random Collab Challenge (Teams Listed Below)


@Jax If there’s no challenge yet, can I sign up late if I bring a predetermined partner?


You and @Hexx could join in as a team. It isn’t a tournament, and you don’t have to be done until February 28th


Oh sick

@Hexx you down?


If your partner doesn’t respond to your pm by the end of this week, message me, and I’ll extend the due date by a week.


Yeah still haven’t gotten anything from @MrSerpent


yeah, we’re gonna extend it to march 14th, just to give everyone enough time.


sorry man! will try to hop on ASAP :sweat_smile:


lol it’s good man. We all get busy





LittleSpikes x GreyOldTwit - Malfunction [EDM]

It was really fun to collab with @GreyOldTwit
Thanks for arranging exciting challenge @Jax


Yay! Our first submission! Great job both of you!


@Ch33t4h and I are done and will be uploading soon :slight_smile:


jk. it’s good, we have like a whole month


Hows it goin’ everyone?


I’ve been struck with a fatal case of producers block.


still waitn on the serp


Very well, should be posting very soon



done. had a lot of fun doing this with @Ch33t4h


Its been another week, so… Hows it going everyone?


@HXGN how is it going?