Random Collab Challenge (Teams Listed Below)


Here are the teams:

  1. @Tolberto and @The_Osprey

  2. @GreyOldTwit and @LittleSpikes

  3. @Jelmo and @HXGN

  4. @V-M and @Sylent

  1. @Mr_Mooo and @Ch33t4h

  2. @Aqua and @AnirudhKhanna

  3. @DJ_spedgetti and @Aviomusic

  4. @MrSerpent and @El1011


Be sure to check out the first post, as it has been updated.
Good luck to everyone!
DM each other to get started!


I missed it rip


Oh ya




Interesting idea, I’ve been thinking about a team collab battle too :slight_smile:


might make this a tournament, if everyone agrees to it.


well, well, well, we meet again @MrSerpent tho as allies instead of opponents.

U do that on purpose @Jax?


@MrSerpent and @El1011 :hushed::hushed::hushed::hushed:
That one is going to be amazing.


I matched people based an their preferences, and there were several people who had the subscription and wanted to be with a sub partner. Did you face him in the winter tournament or something? I’m relativity new and am not yet familiar with everyone yet




lol yeah we did face each other there. First round. took an L by 1 point so i’d guess it’s a pretty good match in terms of skills/ability.


it seems we shall be destined to collab


Nice to meet ya @GreyOldTwit


@Mr_Mooo alright then


Nice to me ya too @LittleSpikes



were all actually gonna die


not if he doesn’t respond to my pm.


Same tho