Random Collab Challenge (Teams Listed Below)


Sign-ups are now closed and teams have been announced! Please see the bottom of this post for additional information.

Hey guys!

Jax here, with another challenge!

There is again only one rule…
You must collab with someone to make it, but who you collab with will be assigned by me.

There are no rule except that you have to collab with the person assigned to you. You have complete creative freedom. You and your partner must complete your project by Mar. 14th.

Prizes Bragging rights and a repost? :sweat_smile:

Hope this won’t be too difficult. :sweat_smile:

— Jax (JΔX)

I will post the teams below because i cant mention more than ten people at a time.

If you want to opt out, you and your partner must agree to opt out together. If your teammate isn’t responding or just isn’t doing their job, message me.


Wish I could join, but I’m on holiday for most of that timeframe.


@Jax i GuEsS iM iN


Right now is just the signups


Ahh. Sign-ups by the 29th. I misread. Sure, I’ll do it then.



(22 Jan, edited)
I’m a SUB wey user :sandwich:
but i dont mind be matched with demo

(25 Jan, edited)
Subscription or Demo:Sub

Have you ever collabed with someone, if so, who: yes, one with bobtheguyyyyy, the other one with Xlimator, Xiejra, mr mooo, zephyr

How much would you say your auxy or musical expirence is: 2 year and half, not a pro

Do you want to work with a demo or subscription user (optional): both fine

Any other specifications (optional): -


im in @Jax


@Jax im in


sure i’ll do it @Jax


@Jax count me in!

Subscription or Demo: subscription

Have you ever collabed with someone, if so, who: of the persons who participate in this contest: @GreyOldTwit

How much would you say your auxy or musical expirence is: Auxy experience: 7.5/10, musical experience: 3.0/10

Do you want to work with a demo or subscription user (optional): subscription

Any other specifications (optional): nah


Yes (I’ll do it)


Just a few more days left to sign up. If you would like to opt out, mention me.


well now that im out of the Winter Tourney, sure why not

should mention tho, that I dont have the subscription, so I only got the demo sounds (tho i do see myself as pretty good with making them sound interesting), so i’d prob be good to match people up based on that.

sub/demo: Demo
Collabs: Yes. Osharu. Spook Gang halloween collab ppl.
Experience level:
Auxy: not 100, but at least level 65. (for real tho, i’d say im pretty good with the demo sounds. upper-intermediate
Garageband: pretty heccin good
Ableton: beginner to software so still learning how things work, but musically, about on garageband level.
Demo or sub user: Demo
other: prefer to do “harder” genres, but more than willing to work with anyone for any genre anyway.


I should also probably have everyone say if they are demo users or subscription users and have them matched up with other demo users or subscription users respectively and we could have one subscription and one demo winner, unless you are okay with working with premium users.


wouldnt it be better to match up demo users with sub users since it would allow demo users to have semi access to sub sounds


yeah, but then it means that the demo user can’t edit anything if the sub user does something. they can only give feedback at that point.

Personally, i’d rather work with another demo user so i can at least have more of a part for the track. there def will be a lack of “diversity” with the sounds, but there are ways to get them to sound good and to make pretty creative stuff. I’d plug a wip of mine, but i’d rather not just for the sake of not tooting my own horn here.


im in @Jax


i b flossiiiiiiiiiin
i b floosssiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiin


hope you’re my partner ;3


If you would rather be matched up with a demo user or sub user, please specify and edit your original post. I will do my best to match everyone up accordingly.