Random Collab Challenge (CLOSED)


Hexx and I are getting started



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@AnirudhKhanna we ready to post yet?


Almost two weeks left. How’s it going guys?


@HXGN and I were going pretty good. But it’s been 27 days since I heard from him.

So @HXGN, how’s it going?


Alright, so who’s partners haven’t been active in the last two weeks?


yeah @MrSerpent literally hasn’t responded to me so… idk what’s up with dat


@El1011 and @Jelmo
You two can either wait for your partners, or you can make one together.


I havent heard from @Sylent in more than two weeks… then again I haven’t worked on the project in a month…

Nice profile pic @Jax, by the way!


Thanks @V-M
You too!


You are welcome to finish it yourself, or you could wait for @Sylent to respond or for someone else’s partner to drop out and you could make a song with them


Collab bro?

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I need a legit profile pic :thinking:


Sure, let’s do this!


@Sylent I think we should get back to work…

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Of course dude i am here all the time. The same goes for me i havent heard from you for a while :slight_smile: . Altough i can start working in the weekend since my phone is android and i use my fathers phone at home. Which i go to at the weekends


Awesome! We have less than a week, no biggie.

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Doubt we can do ours. Long story. @BobTheGUYYYYY

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Two more days, only two submissions.


I can confirm that we can’t do ours :confused: @Hexx has the beta so I can’t open his projects