Raising the bar for the future of Auxy


I just joined and Im really looking forward to auxy :slight_smile:

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I just checked out Medly again, just for the faff of it. I know it has audio import so I wanted to see what that smelled like. I have some observations:

Please, if Auxy ever DOES get audio import, unless you can import samples to a custom drum kit and or somehow import samples to timeline/pattern FROM AUDIO COPY / PASTE, Files app, Audioshare, Dropbox, etc, it’s not super useful.

Maybe I’m doing it wrong, but it doesn’t look like there is any way to get audio in there except from the mic. This isn’t particularly useful for most of us I’d suspect.

Not bashing on Medly, not looking to start a convo about it, just noting how I’d like to see Auxy handle imported audio :slight_smile:


Awesome! Can’t wait to see what you have in store for us.


Anyone listen to the track yet?


It’s not confirmed if they added vocal imports or if there is just another vocal sound.

I hope it’s both.


If they added vocal imports that means they added custom sound import period. Fingers crossed


Vocal imports would suggest (any) audio import, effectively sampling via import.

If imported sounds are truly ‘playable’ via the sequencer - with access to effects/automation, that’s a game changer for me - as far as Auxy in my workflow goes.

Throw in ADSR for all sounds, including imports, and they could possibly leapfrog the competition.

On this occasion, I expect those vocal chops are coming via a soundpack.

But, here’s hoping.




If there is a feature to import samples. I say it’d be a good idea to be able to save them once tuned to your liking. And you can store them into a file. Like how it has “drums” & “melodic” we can save them in “samples”


Honestly, that bit at the end there sounds a lot like a modulated Tiger. Same with the second section. Well, more with the second section. I dunno what that first trap part is with the arp. I hope it’s a new sound, I REALLY FRIGGIN WANT A CHIP SYNTHS/ANALOG PACK


i need
gib square synths


That could potentially be supported by rendering out that ‘instrument’, like how you can Export Instruments now.

…because, you’d need to account for automation in the ‘tuning’.


Well tbh what I’d like more than anything is a feauture to be able to “reverse” any instrument. As an automation. That’s all I’d ask for an extra feauture @lenberg thoughts?


Yeah you’re probably right doesn’t really make sense. But aye it’s a cool feature and u wouldn’t need to constantly be copying and pasting. And can be your own pre-sets


Reverse is typically a binary thing. It’s either playing forwards or backwards.

What would you automate - how would changing between forwards and backwards gradually actually work and sound?


Well, incase you didn’t know. I use this effect in a lot of my music. In my intros and just in general. I use low pass and volume to try and create the closest thing to a reverse effect. It’s a big thing for electronic music and it’s something I love “personally” to use in my music. But it just doesn’t give the same feel as “reverse”


I know about reverse audio in music. Been around for decades (like me) :wink:

As you said, you’re using automation to fake reverse.

My question was really about what role automation would have for playing forwards/backwards, if real reverse was supported?


What do you mean?


Have u ever heard the start of a song with reverse chords coming at them? And then they hit?