Raising the bar for the future of Auxy




Well I’m glad to hear it’s on the menu. But seriously, BRING IT. The people are gonna love it. And before you ask, yes, I would be more than happy to beta test it extensively.


Ugh it’s seriously killing me if there was panning I could start revealing my secret project already… should I show a teaser for it?


id love to hear it

Secret Project - James Lucien [Demo, WIP, Downtempo]

Awesome! Any chance of a drum soundpack?


Can you explain?
Like performance tools?


Or perhaps you mean…



Yes, touch screen performance recording. Examples: Thumbjam, figure, ikaossilator, groovebox, many many others.


I hope this is just an option and doesn’t just flat out replace what we have now…?


What about sound packs?


Sweet that’s like 4 weeks

Selling tickets for the hype train


4 weeks. Nooooooooooooooooooooooo. I can’t wait that long!


God please just an amen break kit lol. :pray: :pray: :prayer_beads:


It should be the next effect instrument xD


If you are saying we should be able to automate sample start and stop on a tempo synced amen break then yes Auxy for president 2020.

This is getting crazy :crazy_face: I’ll happily settle for an all drum AP lol. With an amen break cut up :stuck_out_tongue:

🅰️UxY Ⓜ️EmEs! #memealert #memealert #memealert

Amen, Brother.


I see what you did there. :wink:


ahem. yes please, I really want Auxy to be a multigenre platform, not some other way of making future bass


Any pre Christmas mid Hanukkah previews?? :relieved:


yes i’d be up for these <3