Raising the bar for the future of Auxy


Probably December I’d imagine


A big ol Auxy Christmas present, neato


A Christmas present should have at least 15 sounds to use :wink:


25 samples of christmas (followed by a christmas sample pack)?


Well…he said they would DRASTICALLY increase the sound library. I’d think that more than 100 sounds would be added, at the very least.


Well, if the STAGGERINGLY PAINFUL ANTICIPATION of whatever the Auxy Squad is cooking up for this next update wasn’t bad enough already, the idea of 100 new sounds has pushed me to the limit.


Yeah haha. Me too


And I don’t mean just 100 sounds…I mean 10 or so new AP’s.


Just the thought of this makes me so happy.


Indeed. I’m actually drifting away from Auxy, but with a large and versatile new batch of sounds, I could be reconvinced.

If Santa saw fit to leave some ADSR controls in my stocking too… :wink:


When do we get to hear more? I’m ready to get the hype train rolling


Put your ear on the tracks…


Argggh… not even a taste? lol… whet the appetite fam :shallow_pan_of_food:


All I want for Christmas is a playing surface and live recording in Auxy.


That would be pretty awesome.


Me too! Won’t happen for this xmas though, but we’ll do our best to bring it next year.


We’re working on an update with a lot of new drum stuff, and hopefully it will be out before the holidays.


The AP or?


Is drum panning going to be included in this? I do hope it is. I’ve got a song I’ve been holding off on showing for over a month now because there’s no drum panning and its effect would work so much better with panning.


agreed, i have a track that would do much better with a drum pan