Raising the bar for the future of Auxy


I meant midi in as in live midi. Not importing midi files, just to clarify. No big deal. Anyways I’m sure the guys will come up with something cool.


Ohhh Sorry😬


Maybe for extra money you guys could add a monthly payment thing or something where you get exclusive sounds that you can only get with the monthly payment thing.


We’re pretty happy with what Auxy is and isn’t. We use it a lot for sketching MIDI and creating loops for resampling. MIDI export really is exceptional!

However, Audiobus3 MIDI input would be a serious step forward and definitely feels like a step in the right direction, assuming that direction is towards being a more serious and fully fledged platform that intuitively fits into an iOS (primarily phone) workflow.


Congrats Auxy! Keep up the great work

I just wish if Auxy reaches their 5th anniversary, they would give some free packs. :grin: just saying.

eHeM~ vintage pianos ~eHeM


WELP, you guys have a big hint… i guess


Resistance is futile


Another big hint is on Twitter by 7 Skies… :smile:


7 skies is the best


Woah that’s awesome, oh baby he’s going for the triple! x3


Agreed. :smile:


@lenberg @Fredrik what is happening in the future of auxy?? And bring the demo songs eg. Marmalade, smoothie etc. I really like the demo songs please put them all in! I like what you have done with auxy but I just want the demo songs I used to mix them… please use them again…


Here’s the demo songs… if you don’t have them already. @Aw58
@NotMiles was the one who originally posted them.


It was a creativity awareness speech for a school event and I was chosen to demonstrate how I use my creative output towards my future.


Curious, do you guys have a date you expect to get the “big release” out?


he replied to you???


Yeah! He’s a really cool guy who is so nice and kind to people! :smile:


Thanks to you guys @Fredrik and @lenberg for making Auxy. I have been using Auxy for past one year and it has enabled me to create my own music whenever and whwre ever I want. I never used PC DAWs before (and I think I might not ever).

Developing such a powerful app and only two guys on it?? Woah!!

Because of Auxy only, I released my first album and now I am wprking on my second which I am going to dedicate to my Dog who left me last month.

Thank You Guys!!!
P.S. if you need any support, we are here.


New effects new sounds and recording vocals will be greater than fl mobile


Say Lenberg, when possibly could this update come out? Don’t tell me a specific date, just maybe what month.