Raising the bar for the future of Auxy


Thank you so much @fredrik and @lenberg! Auxy is simply amazing.


Would it be okay if I asked who they are? :stuck_out_tongue:


A good discussion about the announcement over on the Audiobus forums as well:


sweet can’t wait for the new updates as for I hope to become some kind of major EDM producer someday… but is it possible if you could also add in more synth sounds and some kind of future bass sounds/effects. then if possible could you add in an Equalizer. Thanks!



These things would make Auxy a full blown, not-just-mobile-studio music development app! If this was ever available on Mac, PC, or Android, many, many people would download it. While there are many DAWs available that are more functional than Auxy, none can maintain the simplicity of Auxy that so many amateurs (including me) really like.

If it is ever possible: please make this amazing app available on more platforms. I really appreciate your devotion to making music available for everyone.


@lenberg @Fredrik thank you both so much, this app has reinvigorated my love for making music. Finally left a review on the app store. Love this app so much and always bring it up to any of my music minded friends. Can’t wait to see what the future holds. Would gladly invest more money into anything you bring to the table. Already have bought all the packages and it feels like a steal for how often I get enjoyment from this beautiful app. Thanks again. :pray:


Will be revealed soon…


Why do you need it on more platforms?


I love the less is more workflow as it is at the moment - it’s really immediate and addictive.

Although the sound editing parameters are very good and give depth to the presets, if an iDevice, Mac and/or Windows sound development app became available I’d be getting my cash out that very instant.

The idea of being able to play-out with 2 iPads using custom sample kits and multi-sampled tuned sounds would be brilliant.

Live is my DAW of choice and it would be really neat to create live versions of tracks for gigging.


It would be excellent on more platforms because then it would become more accessible. Even more advanced features would become simpler with the stronger power behind other potential platforms.


As for Android, there’s no app that’s really comparable to Auxy; nothing
that’s simple to use, but functional enough to make amazing tracks.

While there are programs on windows and Mac that allow for more
functionality, they lose simplicity that many like me really love. They are
not very easy to work with for beginners. (and I can’t really afford fruity

While I understand that with all these plans, there may be a long wait
before auxy expands base, I just want to say that when it does, it’ll be


As soon as you “solve” the sound import / creation part, Auxy will get a lot of attention; the app will be scrutinized, reviewed - and suddenly it’s status will become “no-longer-a-toy-on-its-own-island”. This step will be the most important and critical step. I am sure. I know too little about Auxy’s inner workings to be able to recommend solutions. But, to be able to maintain the "Auxy-state, this has to be true: 1) it still sounds brilliant. 2) it’s still just as easy and fun.

If 1 or 2 breaks, I am sorry to say that the “Auxy-state” breaks too. So this step is so critical. And needed. Auxy will shoot like a rocket towards the stars (if 1 or 2 does not break); because: now the user is not limited to a fixed set of sounds, and so: creativity can flow pretty much endlessly.

Now let me tell you what Auxy is for me, what I call the Auxy-state:
The ease of use. The simplicity. Composing good sounding music, so effortless. I have a lot of experience with both computer based music software and music apps for iOS. Auxy is a WONDERFUL piece of software. Creativity flows. It’s easy. I can’t be half as effective/productive using any other app NOR computer software. Ableton Live might be advanced computer software, yes, but compared to Auxy: it hinders creativity in a massive way. I totally understand that the future IS mobile music creation. It’s a revolution. It will happen when “the golden App arrives”. And I think Auxy certainly is spot on. The next steps are the most crucial. If you succeed, you will be the ones that actually changed music making history.

Those are my thoughts.

Take care! And thank you so much for Auxy!


Wow! I feel some pressure now, in a good way. :slight_smile:

This is how we view it too. We need to open up the possibilities for making unique sounding tracks, while maintaining the creative flow and smooth feel of the app. Will have to thread carefully…


A little ironic, given Auxy’s stance on Audiobus et al. :wink:

Reading through the comments, seem to be making a lot of the same sort of points I’ve been chundering on about — for better or worse.


HEY! I see that keyboard! You are adding MIDI support aren’t you -_-


This was my favourite comment:

Auxy is the ukulele of apps



Just to clarify about MIDI:

We would love to support playing and recording in Auxy using an external MIDI keyboard or pad controller. That could be an awesome experience if it’s done right.

What we don’t want to support is running multiple apps on the same device and sending audio back and forth. That’s a cool concept in theory, but we think it’s not a great experience in practice, given how things currently work on iOS etc.

In addition, we like the concept of sending MIDI from Auxy to hardware synths, and that’s why we supported that in our first iPad app. Turned out that very few users actually used this feature, so it doesn’t make sense to invest in supporting it (which is non trivial).

Include automation in MIDI export

If you go midi in that would be nice, I would hope that would include virtual midi in as there are many great midi instrument apps (soundprism, etc). But what of a way to play and record within Auxy? Agree about sending audio between apps, even when it works perfectly, still FEELS clunky as hell loading everything up and so on.


Someday y’all will break my iPhone😉


I agree Db909, Midi In would be awesome because of software synths and stuff like that. I also would like it for another reason.
I am a drummer who uses triplets and other syncopated rhythms. In addition, I also use big chords and chord changes. Auxy’s editor is BRILLIANT, don’t get me wrong–I’ve been using Auxy ever since its debut on iPad. That said I’m more comfortable with a mouse and keyboard, and in certain instances Auxy’s editor doesn’t work for me as well I wish it would. The fact that I do it on a 4" touchscreen doesn’t make it any easier​:grin: With Midi In I could just could create my regions on my computer, and use Midi In to import them into Auxy, where I could do everything else. Just my thoughts, I am sure someone somewhere disagrees and I’m sure another person is facing the same problem.:thinking::thinking: