Raising the bar for the future of Auxy


Awesome! Make sure to join the beta testing next time we test a new version.


Thanks! Perhaps you can share the links if you find something interesting? Which other apps are considered better?


Nice! Where did you give the speech?


Great story! Thanks for sharing!


Andrew has been invited, and we have a few other fantastic sound designers involved as well.


We would love to hire more people and to do that we need to grow and make some more money.


Yes, we have a third guy who currently works for another company and helps out with Auxy in the evenings.


We must study these so-called “better apps” and assimilate them into the Borg


One would presume that people who are actually hired into the team won’t ‘over…’ anything. :wink:




Heres what I could find :slight_smile:

  1. A user created article from may 2017 explaining why Auxy is far better than garrage band, and other paid apps on the appstore, (It also shows one of @BSJ’s song!)

An article from tabtimes oroginally wrote in 2016, shows the 10 best apps on the appstore on that time. I think its cool that its not just music apps, but all apps in general, Auxy came number two! Right under an adobe app.


Definitely u covered everything that was roaming in my mind…guys don’t worry a time will come when Auxy will beat every DAW out there in the market in terms of faster productivity and easy usability… Heads on You Guys …I’m just 20 years old and I have created more than 30 full length Trance Music which are kept safely on my hard drive


Awesome news. The other apps on iOS are great, there is no disputing Gadget, newer version Garage Band and the upcoming Nanostudio 2 are (and will be) great.

New features are good, but please please please don’t bloat up Auxy. Part of why it’s so appealing is that it’s not bloated and loaded up with all kinds of crazy workflows and hidden stuff. As good as Gadget sounds the workflow SUCKS (for me, ymmv). Auxy being so “pick up and go” is what makes it so great


If I’ve been beta testing since 4.0 beta I’m still on the list for future betas, right?


Gadget is TERRIBLE workflow wise. And sounds plastic as hell. And Korg removed the one redeeming feature in my eyes (hold to erase button). Booooo


Auxy has truly reinvigorated my desire to make music
It’s just so instant I love it
I’m having an amazing time making tunes on my commute to work.
And the new controls for filtering tone pan are just awesome.
Loving the easy project sharing.
Ultimate features would be importing sounds and Logic Pro Project export that would be epic
Please keep up the great work
Brett Ionosphere.co.uk


You guys started something beautiful and strong!
Let’s make it stronger and even more beautiful!
Carpathian Mix


The only thing I would ask is the ability to create my own sounds from scratch. Maybe release the tools you use to create your sound packs as an IAP. I get that the revenue model is to sell sound packs, so if the “Auxy Authoring Tools” is like $19.99 that would help generate some rev? Maybe allow a way for people to create soundpacks and sell on a marketplace and you guys do a rev share on those sales?


Just another thing I was thinking of, but perhaps an android app would be enough to launch a web-based way of interacting with project files? Of course it couldn’t replace the way Auxy works now but to be able to view projects online without having to open up the app is a fantastic way to handle things. This of course may not even be feasible in any sense but I would love to see it


+1 chord editing/entering

Maybe have a way for Auxy to have more constraints based on music theory. So as now, have a scale, but allow chord creation based on various chord shapes, voicings, inversions, spreads, etc. and make the note entry constrain to those chords. Essentially like some jazz improv theory… Makes fiddling with the small screen easier by restricting possible notes. Obviously someone can turn it off for full chromatic weirdness too. :slight_smile: