Raising the bar for the future of Auxy


@lenberg Ive found some websties online that show the top ten IOS music apps on the appstore, On each list Auxy is normally the second or third best App! Also…recently on the new IOS 11 appstore, It had a whole section on the best music making apps on the appstore, and Auxy was in the top 5!!! Thanks for your hard work, look forward to the future!


Team Auxy for the win!


AWWWW YEA! Woo goo auxy team! You go.


Thank you guys so much for your effort – it is life-changing. You already have the best loop editor, so the improvements and additions listed would be incredible, especially importing/capturing. A basic sampler would be fun, too!

I’d happily pay for more instruments or “pro” options, along with anything else that would help fund ongoing maintenance/development.


Great news! Really love seeing Auxy grow and evolve!

We are currently working on a big release that will bring some fundamental changes to our current model

Sounds like you are working on a subscription-based service, like a “Pro” tier with extra features? You could integrate with something like Landr and have the whole “from idea to release” flow in-app.


I’m quite happy that Auxy is getting bigger and is thinking about some of these changes, just today i gave a speech about how i produce my music with Auxy and alot of people had said they had planned on joining the community.


Thank you for making such a platform that is approachable to everyone! That must have been the biggest challenge since the start. Props to the new future of Auxy!


yall got a patreon?


Bumped because auxy


Music has always been a way to express myself where words fail. For years, I messed around with desktop DAW’s trying to figure out which one worked for me. I tried several popular DAWs and although they offer a lot, I felt I was putting in more work learning to use the software than actually being creative. When Auxy came out, it was exactly what I was looking for. I remember hooking up my big speakers and hearing the playback for the first time. I was blown away. The sound quality was amazing, the interface was intuitive, and the new automation gives us more room to be dynamic with our synth choices. Auxy is hands down my favorite audio workshop <3 Thank you Henrik and Fredrik for making such a revolutionary app!


@lenberg & @Fredrik, for this quote—

—it can be helped by inviting Andrew Huang to make some samples for Auxy.

As for the team, since there is only 2 people in the team, maybe you should start hiring other people. Problem with that, is that some workers might oversaturate some aspects of Auxy. Audio Packs, or Auxy Packs, might be filled with unnecessary sounds that might be considered as a scam…


And thank YOU, Lenberg and company! You guys have made this huge dream into reality, and it’s only going to get better from here. Fantastic work!


There are 3 people in the photo…


I like the bit about making the app feel lighter while adding more features. @lenberg and @Fredrik you guys clearly get it.


Auxy has defined my goal to be a music producer!


This is so exciting!


Yessss! Gooo Auxy. I will support you guys forever!


If you ever decide a Patreon would be beneficial for you guys, I would definitely be a patron


Awww i love you guys XD! Auxy has helped me through hard times, so thanks for making this app!


I want a free piano ehem. But seriously auxy is great thanks for making it