Raising the bar for the future of Auxy


I hope they can copy Ableton’s sampling algorithms (Beats, Rhythm, Complex, Complex Pro, etc.)


Overlaying a graphic of the played pattern in the sequencer sounds like you’re describing the recording of midi notes into the sequencer which could be further edited and is pretty standard. Did you mean something different or more exotic?


what if we got an EQ feature


Pretty sure at that point hell would have frozen over, as Lenberg and Fredrik both stated that such a design was against the nature of auxy, much like alternate time signatures and tempo automation :\


What? When? Where? Why?


Yo is this topic dead or nah?




Definitely on its last legs


I dunno. As we approach the ‘one year on’ stage, I think it would be good to hear @Lenberg give an update on the original list.



I must admit, when this was first posted I was expecting these features to be part of the v5 release…

  • Drastically expand the sound library with world class content that covers many different styles
  • Add ways to import personal sounds and create limitless possibilities for making unique sounding tracks

These two were accomplished in v5.

  • Add new effects and more controls for shaping sounds

This one is still in the process, if at all?

  • Rework how to build and arrange songs

5.1, but personally I do not like the rework of the interface, as it personally fails to improve workflow.

  • Add new ways to create melodies and rhythms

Not sure how this could even be possible, but it’s not ready yet.

  • Improve the workflow so that the app feels lighter, even as we’re adding more features

The workflow shift from v4 to v5 was a drastic change, but in ways the app felt lighter. The introduction of more instrument slots and the condensation of drum kits without having to use multiple for just one sound certainly helped.

  • Make it easier to share and collaborate on projects

Same as it’s always been, pretty easy but could be improved.

  • Make it possible to capture voice and release fully featured tracks


So there’s only a few we necessarily need updates on, I’m definitely interested in seeing that.


Let’s just not revive it.

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