Raising the bar for the future of Auxy


Pretty much :frowning: I spend half my time in Auxy, half in other spots. Which is fine, TBH, that’s kind of the iOS paradigm… but… there are many apps which are a true “All in one box” solution with minimal amounts of hoop jumping needed for relatively simple tasks.


Indeed. Unless Auxy can remain a viable ‘all-in-one’ solution for enough paying users, then it will gradually become just part of a larger workflow.
Until Auxy can learn to bring value as part of a larger workflow, it’s usefulness will diminish, until it’s only competitive for one feature - e.g. as a neat, little sequencer.

As soon as an app comes out that’s as neat as Auxy’s one competitive feature - the sequencer - or that using Auxy’s neat, little sequencer is no longer worth dealing with the lack of live MIDI i/o, then Auxy’s potentially gone from that user’s workflow.


Resuming from the other thread and keeping up with @icsleepers’s wishes of keeping it separate, I will respond here. In regards to volunteering, I’ve personally tried volunteering to develop sound for the app. In the same sense that the well-known sound designers such as RAC and Jeremy Orlander did with their two AP’s, I approached both lenberg and fredrik with a demonstration of sound using the outdated Auxy 3 engine. It’s been nearly a month and I haven’t heard any sort of response. Not something one would expect from an attempt to contact them as professionally as possible, no? :\ I even offered the service as an unpaid, non-commissioned volunteer and to attempt to provide sound that they weren’t interested in spending their time developing but the community was constantly demanding. Radio silence.

After finally breaking out of using only auxy for my production, I now spend pretty much the same amount of time in auxy that I do the software that I use to master my songs now. Which is frustrating, because I know that it could be faster with auxy’s ideal workflow. But with such options lacking, I have no choice but to forgo convenience if I wish to produce a sound that I can be confident will appeal to a broader spectrum.

100% agree. The only thing I still use Auxy for, besides sketching out patterns to export out, is the sound, which i export individual instruments for because of how strange the sound design can be sometimes. And even that doesn’t always behave as expected (tails/attack cut off, reverb shenanigans, etc.)

Making Auxy SoundPack

Maybe it’s worth foregoing the niceties of discreetly reaching out, and publicly reaching out on Twitter?
They’re not super-engaged on Twitter, but conducting the conversation outside of this community, with the public able to see, might just spur them into action - or at least some kind of polite slag off, which is still better than being ignored, imo.

If ‘the world’ was able to see how they behave as a company, they might start behaving better/more professionally.

Just a thought.


the sound

Tbh, the sounds won’t keep me as a subscriber.
It simply needs to be more capable. For me, it needs ADSR, tuning and a proper suite of effects available for all instruments, at least.

Whether it’s inexcusable inconveniences such as no track duration in the arrangement bar/view or the never-never prospects for alt time sigs, bar lengths, etc…, or the absence of MIDI i/o, my aspirations are on the verge of outgrowing it.

As things stand, (absent any credible signs that things will improve dramatically) I don’t intend to renew the subscription at the end of the year. I plan to roll down my use of Auxy and have my workflow Auxy-freee as the clock ticks down on my subscription.

Which is a shame, as I’m on record as saying that I, for one, would be willing to pay extra for a Plus/Pro version of Auxy.


I must admit, I’ve been a little disappointed with Auxy HQs diminishing communication.

I have no problem paying a few dollars for an app, to see it eventually disappear - the App Store is a tough business. But Auxy is now asking me to subscribe. I need to know my investment (of both time & money) will not be wasted.


Very true, but I don’t wish to discredit the company or the app to be honest. I was also advised that I would more likely get a response if I approached in private and professionally as possible, I’d have a much stronger chance of obtaining an answer in favor of developing sound. This was from someone close to the development process as well.

Agreed. I want to know what I’m exactly paying for here, and if I’m paying for radio silence I’d rather not pay for that. Just saying.

And an addendum from @akabillposters’s edit, I may be approaching the same conclusion as he has about the subscription now.


Very true, but I don’t wish to discredit the company or the app to be honest.

You wouldn’t need to go in guns blazing. Just ask some very earnest, simple and professional questions that aren’t easy for them to evade without looking bad.


I was also advised that I would more likely get a response if I approached in private and professionally as possible, I’d have a much stronger chance of obtaining an answer in favor of developing sound. This was from someone close to the development process as well.

And look at how well that turned out.


Looks like it’s time to fire up the twitter account again. Let’s see how much more static I’ll have this time.



Didn’t they already deny this?


I think they ignored him


I guess they must’ve talked about it but not to me. Good to know that it’s not even worth their time to give me the decency of a response.


You’re not owed a position. They’re busy people. They’ve been inactive to all of us. Don’t take it personally. They’re obviously busy with other things.


you’re not owed a position

Sure, a response would be great, but it’s not owed.
Similarly, a polite, discreet ‘Oh, well’ from users would be great, but Auxy aren’t owed a polite response to being impolitely ignored.

Who’s got more to lose?

You’ve got to be all kinds of bad at business to not handle approaches offering interest and free support better.

They should be looking for ways to turn this into something that benefits the company. By contrast, they’re mishandling of it is turning it into something that’s likely to hurt the company’s reputation and quite possibly its bottom line.

They’re obviously busy with other things.

Then maybe a quick acknowledgement to head off the perception that they’re simply ignoring users would be a wise thing to do.

Though, tbh, it looks more like mismanagement than a lack of time.

Hardly “raising the bar”.


Never said i was owed a position. A response is just a matter of decency, frankly. Especially when conducting business. It’s unwise to misuse the good will of the ones funding the app.

Exactly. I even stated in my proposal that I was simply interested and showed my capacity. Nothing more, no claims of “you owe us these sounds” or “you owe me the chance to develop free stuff for you to make use of”. Just a professional approach to handle an exchange.

Well, if you can consider raising the bar a few centimeters then lowering it back down as “raising the bar”, then the title certainly would be apt.


Auxy shouldn’t be expected to see every single thing users nag them for, though, should they? I feel like that’s rather unfair when their focus is more (and rightly so) on building the app [and addressing things in real life outside of development, potentially] rather than fishing through thousands of comments. If you send a demo tape to a signed artist, you can’t expect to get a response every time. It’s a bit selfish to get mad at them not giving you, one of thousands of users, attention for whatever you want, when there could be much more important things (to them) going on.


They also might not have seen it yet




That’s my point. Getting upset about it is kind of unfair to Auxy.


exactly. It’s not being disrespectful if they didn’t say anything, there could be a million reasons for that. I do think the developers have to put a little more of a conscious effort into marketing and community though - this is just a bad example


No, according to @aUstin_Haga they talked about it and said no without informing me.