Raising the bar for the future of Auxy


@lenberg soooo any chance of a bulleted feature list? Just a little something extra to get the gears grinding?

Gotta know about… mah feechers :smirk:


Did I say this?


The update releases on the 25th of January, yet at around what time will it release for the United States though?


Stockholm (Auxy HQ) is around 6 hours head of where I am (EST). You do the math lmao.


Crazy and simple, this app is so amazing, and gladly i found this forum, hope i can learn more from you guys :slight_smile:


I made a topic on this titled “Auxy update delay in different countries”


I think the bar has been officially raised.


The new Ford F-150

It doesn’t just raise the bar.

It is the bar






Auxy is the reason I have a much more broad definition of music. when I first heard of Auxy, I was only using one other music making app, and that was GarageBand. RIGHT as I felt that my limits with GarageBand had been reached, I see Auxy on the app store, and decided to give it a run. Now, I love using Auxy, and I hardly use GarageBand anymore!! Thank you guys for making Auxy such an amazing app and if I could, I would do everything in my power to make Auxy App Of The Year!!


are you guys Mac Book compatible yet or ever going to be ? i love Auxy but would love it on a Mac :+1:


It just needs chiptune :smiley:


They have had so many requests and questions about this, but I don’t think it’s coming soon. I think they are focusing on just the Auxy on iOS because that is easier than introducing a whole new platform


all i want is to pitchshift my samples without it speeding up or slowing down, or at least a seperate option (actually a seperate option would probably be better)




Agree, they should also get a few more people working on the app so it can be updated more often!


I’d be very surprised if that’s on the roadmap for the next year at least, if ever, given the target audience.


Man, there’s another very similar app that does this :\

The speeding up and slowing down part does lend itself to interesting sonic qualities, but I agree I’d love to be able to shift key/pitch as well. Where that time stretch algo :stuck_out_tongue:


How it handles samples and what you’re able to do with them in the app is, for me, the question at the centre of how much shelf life Auxy really has.

So long as using samples in any meaningful way requires the use of other apps to prepare them, bringing them back into a sub-optimal sample composition framework (Auxy) seems daft when less painful workflows are available.

I guess the same could be said about synthesis.

It’s a tough one for Auxy. They don’t want to go too ‘pro’, but users are likely to outgrow Auxy and move on to other tools sooner than expected if certain features aren’t planned.

As soon as Auxy becomes only a part of the workflow, it risks becoming the lesser part.
I certainly won’t be renewing my subscription if, by then, I’m using it just as a neat, little sequencer with midi export.

AUv3 support might be something they need to consider down the line.

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