Raising the bar for the future of Auxy


Yes, of course I have :slight_smile:

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Like for example this song [one of my all time favourites] this isn’t reverse but this is something we can already do in Auxy. Which I use https://soundcloud.com/hardstyle/coone-faye-feat-david-spekter
I’d like to be able to reverse the chord… I’ll give an example of reverse


This song. Another favourite. Uses reverse chords before the intro https://soundcloud.com/3beat/3beat175-sigma-nobody-to-love


I also make reverse claps using the sweeper. Which would be much better to just be able to reverse the clap


Ohh I think I know what you mean now. I just think there could be another notch saying “reverse” and you could set nodes to a point which u want to be reversed and for how long


I know what reverse chords are.
I think we have crossed-wires.

You mentioned you’d like proper support for reversing sounds “as an automation”.

You’re currently using (presumably) volume and filter automation on forward-playing sounds to simulate reversing the sound.

My question is… if you had proper support to flip/reverse the sound, why would you still need it “as an automation”.

Automation is primarily for changing values incrementally over time. Forward and reverse are binary states. It’s either one or the other. So, what aspect would you need to change incrementally over time?


I’m not sure I don’t develop things like this :joy: your making me feel pressured lol


I think he just means having it as an “automation” cause that’s the current design language. When you change something in Auxy it’s “automated”. You’re right, it’s like automating an on/off switch. It’s 1 or 0, so a check mark or whatever would suffice here lol…


Chances are, first support would be basic.

E.g. if you wanted both fwd and bwd claps in a piece, you’d have two instances of the instrument/sound and set one to be played in reverse - and sequence it accordingly.

All that said, it could conceivably support setting/automating instrument/sample playback speed, allowing users to speed up or slow down a sound/sample. This control could potentially allow for reverse as well.

Such a control would then make sense within the automation UI.

This would then allow reverse, slow (forwards/backwards), tape stop effect, chipmunking/vapourwaving on vocals and other audio imports/samples, …


This makes sense and it’s possible to become a feauture. But I guess we aren’t as advanced due to only being on a limited device. I’m sure the devs could still pull it off


Yessssssss, exactly. Like playhead manipulation on a sample. Many a VST and etc do this, actually, Glitchbreaks on iOS does this super well


I’m still too young to understand some of this :joy:


Fwiw… The core of this functionality might already be built into the app.

Some of the sounds in the app are sample-based - e.g. pianos.
There’s a chance that pitch automation is already based on playback speed automation, rather than comprehensive sampling of every supported note.

e.g. sampling every [n]th note and using playback speed to fill in the missing notes.

So, support for playback speed automation – including reverse — might be closer than we think.


This is true. Honestly, I suspect MOST of the sounds, if not all, are sample based. I don’t know that any synthesis is going on. That’s ok though - plenty of other stuff is like that and works just great (reFX Nexus comes to mind, it must be doing well enough that they’ve basically abandoned all other products).

So yeah, the framework is probably in place, just a matter of building an (awesome, usable) UI around it :smiley:


The problem is not reversing a sample but that it’s tricky to fit it nicely within the sequencer paradigm. What we’ve been thinking about is introducing certain sounds that are aware of where the note ends and adjusts the sample start accordingly. This would allow timing sounds so that a certain part of the sample (in most cases the start of a reversed sample) coincide with the end of the note.

Right now (as I type this) we’re implementing an automatic pre-trig so that we can add samples with a quick ramp-up. It’s pretty nice!


You said it right except for original packs which have been created using wavetables all auxy packs are sample based so they consume higher storage as compared to wavetables


I don’t know what the hell youre talking about but it sounds great.


Reading a lot of these recent comments from 3 days ago made me really REALLY excited for what Auxy has in store, and I can’t wait to try every new thing out! That is, when it is released. I don’t care how long the wait or how short the wait is, all I care about is how much of a difference it makes and how happy I will be to have more opportunities in many more genres of music!


January 25th. Mark your calendar. Get hyped.


Yeessssss! I listened to it! Freaking excited!