Raising the Bar for the Future of Auxy


On a mission to change music

It’s been 4 years since @Fredrik and I started Auxy. Our goal was to bring serious music production to mobile and empower a new generation of creators. We set out to build a different type of music app—simple yet powerful—that makes it easy to explore and realize your creative potential.

How far have we come?

I think the best way to judge our progress is to listen to tracks made by the community. We’ve been repeatedly amazed by how your music gets better with every app release. Quite frankly, we haven’t heard any tracks made in other mobile apps that come anywhere close to what you guys are releasing. By making such great music, you make us confident that we can push the bar even further, and give us the energy to keep pushing.

Who will make the first big hit on mobile?

We think that mobile music is at an inflection point, so we wanted to take a step back and reflect on how we can take things to the next level. With the number of quality tracks we see today, we’re confident that it’s a matter of time before we start hearing big hits produced on mobile. Our goal is to make Auxy the platform where the first big mobile hit gets made. Most people don’t understand the impact of this shift yet, but we hope that you are as excited as we are about taking the lead and shaping the future of music.

What should we invest in?

In order to take things things to the next level, we think it is important to invest in the following areas:

  • Drastically expand the sound library with world class content that covers many different styles
  • Add ways to import personal sounds and create limitless possibilities for making unique sounding tracks
  • Add new effects and more controls for shaping sounds
  • Rework how to build and arrange songs
  • Add new ways to create melodies and rhythms
  • Improve the workflow so that the app feels lighter, even as we’re adding more features
  • Make it easier to share and collaborate on projects
  • Make it possible to capture voice and release fully featured tracks

How can we move faster?

We’re only two people working on Auxy, and this prevents us from building a lot of the things that we’d love to add. We want to move faster and aim a lot higher. In order to do so, we need to find a way to make more money so that we can reinvest in developing Auxy further.

What’s next?

We’re working on a big release that will bring some fundamental changes to our current model and address some of the things listed above. We’re excited to tell you more about the new version in the coming weeks and get your feedback on our plans for the future.

Thanks for your support and high five for the future!


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:raised_hands: LETS GOOO! AUXY!



No problem! Auxy is one the best music making apps out there. The large variety of things you can make with something so simplistic, is what makes it unique and special. No other app can do it as well is this app can. The versatility is the reason why so many love this app and use it so much. I rate it a 10, and always will. Thank you for giving me an easier way to make music, which is my passion. :slightly_smiling_face:



Thank you all so much for your work on this app, it’s absolutley a wonderful feature!!!



New effects, making it easier to arrange songs and the recording vocals. Thanks for a great app! I use it daily!



Wow, I’m super excited! @Fredrik and @lenberg I am forever grateful to you for creating Auxy and can’t thank you enough for your hard work and efforts in the past, present and future.
I think congratulations are in place for what you have already achieved, even if the goal of making the first mobile made hit isn’t reached. Because you gave some of us the ability to make music when they didn’t even think they were capable of it! You should really be proud of your achievements till date and i’m sure you are, so no need to tell you but I felt I had to. THANK YOU SO MUCH :pray:t4:



2 developers as a team working on one of the best sounding music apps is basically showing us how much you guys really want this app to succeed.



Thanks so much for all you’ve done! You truly are taking music production to a whole new level. :+1: And I’m stoked for the new changes!



and this is why auxy is becoming better than my future. it has been more than an honor to be apart of this infinitely growing community. man, i don’t think my thank yous are enough to spill out how much this app has made me becoming somewhat a professional music producer that i am today. (digital hugs]




Thank you so much for working on the app!!!
Auxy has really changed my life, as I had never expected to involve deeply into music making, with my phone!!



I just wanted to thank you guys for making this app. Auxy has made it possible for me to make good music. All your plans sound good, but when two of them slight worry me.

“Rework how to build and arrange songs” does this mean your going to rework the app entirely or is this just about scenes?

“Add new ways to create melodies and rhythms” that doesn’t mean you’ll replace the note editor, right? I love it’s simplicity. The best feature about it, for me, is how you can set the key and scale.

I’m with you guys all the way. Double high five!
Oh by the way I’ve used many paid software and other music making app and Auxy still has the best sounding pianos :wink:

Edit: as for custom sounds, please make this as good as possible. Lots of other iOS music softwares have you record a sound and then it just pitch shifts it with a few lame effects and sounds bad. I would like to be able to make sounds as good as the packs. As for synth sounds some good synth controls and effects.
Double edit: if you added a way to add your own sounds and sell them the Auxy team could get part of the profit from each sale and if enough users bought and sold sounds it could be a potential way to get extra profit



Sounds like a plan fellas, good work!



I’m excited for what the new version has to offer! I hope the money thing won’t be a problem and that Auxy will continue to stay free! $$$




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I’m willing to pay money to keep auxy going!



Me too!

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Thank you Auxy Squad for making such an awesome app!



You guys are seriously awesome. I’m sure everyone here if they could code and develop sounds and make it as amazing as you guys do we’d already be helping you. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us as a community, even beyond just beta testing. This is the sort of project I’d die for contributing to with my degree as I’m graduating in May next year, and I don’t know where my life will take me.

Maybe you guys should also look into something like Patreon? I’m sure if you worked out the legalities it would be a perfect way to help support the project further along, even if it’s not much at all.

Maybe even expanding your team would be an appropriate option? I know that probably sounds selfish coming from me but I do mean in general perhaps having some help with things like the features and reposts be done by someone else so that your time can be focused on development would be another good source of action.

Tl:dr, keep going strong and I’ll support however I can.



Me too!!