r u n - bed legs


Can you include some information about the track please?

Yeah, go ahead and remove it for now I won’t be able to until later I’m at work👍

Track’s pretty cool. As for feedback, I would suggest slightly highpassing the kick drum during the parts where there is no bass — it makes the mix unclear. Maybe change your Shifted Snare to something else, right now it sounds kinda weird & doesn’t fit in the mix (includes lower frequencies that stand out). If you want to fill up the mix better, add a bass and give the drums and other elements more low frequencies.

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Alright i appreciate the feedback. Not sure if its what you asked for but I’ve made some changes and I do like it the way it is so it is at its final state. This song took a while for it to get to its current point. It started with a simple loop using Runner from the original sound pack. I took a couple different pieces that I have had and added them in and started messing around a bit and came up with the main layout and posted what I had. When I added the bass line I decided to make it a lead also. The ending fades out with the same lead but I took the middle section and split it in two and had different instruments playing each sound.

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