Quick Question (Pluto, BlåMeese) :BlaMeese:

Which one is better?

The shorter one:

Or longer one:

Any chance you could throw them up on SC as private links?

They sound good, i just think it’s weird to not have any drums

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Yes, I’ll do it when I get out of school. :+1:

I can’t currently upload anything, but when it works again I’ll fix it. :+1:

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Here are the tracks on SC:

Long: https://soundcloud.com/blameese/pluto-longer/s-2JHZr

Short: https://soundcloud.com/blameese/pluto-short/s-xYFtl

Fixed it @akabillposters

Yeah, a lot of my space songs don’t have drums because I think it helps it sound more spacey. :woman_shrugging::blush:

Longer, imo.

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Yeah, it said the link had to be longer so I just added “er” to the end. :joy: