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Can you release different tracks under different artist names using Amuse – or is it only one artist name per Amuse account?

I’m considering splitting my output (styles) into different artist names. At the same time, I’m close to hooking up to Amuse.

So, I’m wondering… Will I need an Amuse account for each one?



Should’ve Googled first…

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I was wondering this myself actually. I am thinking you’ll probably need a different paypal account but I hope not. If so, I am going to almost certainly going to release my Re/Mastered EP on there sometime soon.

And as soon as I finished the post the answer was edited in lol rip

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Hmmm. That’s a good point.

The FAQ linked above mentions different email addresses (or FB accounts), but doesn’t mention whether you’d need different destination PayPal accounts (typically identified by email addresses).

So, the question becomes…

Can the PayPal destination address be different to the main account email address?

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I just made a new account when I switched my alias. I never saw anything about merging accounts or having 2 profiles under one person.

I doubt they’d care about every account using a different PayPal. And even if they do, it’s pretty easy to make a new PayPal and just transfer money to your main from there. He minimum you need to do is very simple, just buy a $10 visa gift card and you can use the code to create an account. And then you can use that $10 for whatever you want lol.

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Yeah, not a huge problem, as you can associate multiple email addresses to a single PayPal account.

I can create new email addresses using any of the many domains names I have registered.

Fwiw, I threw the question to Amuse support. I’ll post their response here.

There’s two questions here. The first one you have to ask is, does Amuse even allow changing your PayPal email? Looking at the app now, it doesn’t look like it, but I’d check in with their support to be sure.

If the answer to that above question is yes, then the second one is, does Amuse allow multiple accounts with the same PayPal email? And I don’t know the answer to that :smile:

This is something I’d be interested in, if I ever try a new alias – do you have to use G Suite (Google Apps) to use email on a domain? I looked it up, and the results had something to do with “MX Records”, and I honestly don’t want to get into that kind of thing :joy:

That’s basically the question I sent to Amuse support.

I’ll post their response here when they get back to me.

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Gotcha. Thanks!

I have several domains hooked into a hosting plan. (Nothing to do with Google / G Suite.)

I can create new email addresses for any of the domains using the hosting CPanel tools.

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I’m sure they would change it if you send an email, because it would kinda suck ignorant your current one gets hacked or something.

The second question, idk, but probably.

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Amuse got back to me…

You need one account on and then you simply link it to your Amuse account(s) in the app during the withdrawal process. You give us the PayPal Account at the same time as you ask to withdraw the money.

So, yes, you can use the same PayPal account with multiple Amuse accounts.
(i.e. PayPal email addresses are separate from the email address used for the Amuse account.)

Good to know.



Quick question - I want to ultimately release an album of some kind. My tendency though is to work on tracks and as they are finished, I’d upload them. Amuse asks if I want to upload an album or a single. Is it possible to select “album” and then only have it publish one track at a time? Or does the whole shebang have to be completed?

The process isn’t really clear. I’d just do them all as singles but overall they’re going to have a cohesive theme, and I’m worried they won’t all be grouped together then.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile: if it’s an all or nothing deal I can wait, not in a rush.

From what I’ve seen of the Amuse process, I’d suggest waiting until you have all the tracks ready, then uploading/releasing them using Amuse’s ‘album’ option.

If your plan/preference is to release them one-by-one, as you finish them, then let go of the idea that it’s an album.

Fwiw, another video I watched recently strongly pushed the idea of not releasing an album for the first year or two, until you’ve nailed your sound and craft. The idea was to ensure your debut album was high-quality and representative of your sound.

Until that point, their recommendation was to release singles and EPs, reasonably spread out, using those releases to build an audience and buzz, who will be ready and waiting when your debut album drops.




Ok cool, that was the vibe I got while I was kind of testing the process out, and that’s ok.

I think I need to re-evaluate the album / single thing. A lot of those vids you’ve posted I watched today and it got me thinking. We’ll see. Thanks !

I signed up with Amuse a couple of weeks ago, uploaded my songs with a release date of 3/23 (tomorrow). Just got the email from Amuse that my songs are now live on Spotify. Checked iTunes and they up there now too (except one single…not sure what happened there). Haven’t gotten anything from them about my Spotify artist account though (not sure how I upload a picture to my artist page) so think I’ll be emailing the support team about that. Overall, very easy to use and great experience with Amuse (so far).

Email from Amuse:

If you’re so inclined, go follow me on Spotify! :wink:

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In order to change your pfp, you have to get verified using the Spotify Artists app. It’s quicker to get verified if you include your music twitter account as well as links that include your name & email.

… I’ve been waiting to get verified for two months now. :I


Ah…thanks for the tip. I’ll get on that now. :+1:t2::+1:t2:

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