Question about Imported samples, filenames, etc…

Sorry to @ you @TheRealJFalc @iammane, but you might be the most able to answer…


The ‘Imported > From iCloud’ folder only has one level. i.e. every sample imported from iCloud goes into a single folder.


I start a project, and look for a kick in my own iCloud Samples folder/library. I add a kick called ‘Kick_1.wav’. That ‘Kick_1.wav’ file gets imported into the ‘Imported > From iCloud’ folder.

Correct so far?

Later, I start another project. I import a different kick from a different iCloud folder, but it’s also called ‘Kick_1.wav’.
Because it has the same filename, when it’s imported into the ‘Imported > From iCloud’ folder, will it overwrite/replace the ‘Kick_1.wav’ that’s already in there?

If so, does that mean that the previous project will now be using the newer ‘kick 1’ sample, because it’s overwritten the previous ‘Kick_1.wav’ that was in the ‘Imported > From iCloud’ folder?

Reeeeally hoping that’s not how it works.

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I never tried importing file names with the same name, I’m not 100% - my guess would be it would overwrite it, or, it may rename “Kick_1” to “Kick_1 (1)”… I’d be willing to test but can’t. The best bet I think would be to not use the imported from iCloud folder, but make folders divvying up your sound types.

The way I always handled this was to just do a final project export from the main menu (which DOES include samples) and then clean everything out when I was done. If for some reason I was gonna swap out a sound in a project with samples included I’d do it and then just export the project again (plus overwrite original).

In all fairness, a lot of other apps behave like this (single level folder). Cubasis 2 comes to mind, though, they fixed it in C3! So, it’s not impossible.

Given the way things work (how I remember at least) I always just try to keep Auxy app sandbox as clean as possible.

I never used imports enough to know whether or not this was a thing. Only things I ever imported were things from other users for other projects, and a weird sfx thing. That’s honestly about it. Naming conventions never were an issue.

That’s what I do. Organised around my own preferences.
Could be more organised, but it’s better than scrolling past 5,000 neurobass/brostep/etc… samples. :wink:

I’d never been in the Imported > From iCloud folder until today, and it made we wonder.
I’ve never knowingly ‘imported’. I just assumed it simply referenced the file in my custom iCloud folder.

Never thought too much about the process underneath.

So, I’m now assuming that all samples/files sourced from your own iCloud folder get imported to the ‘from iCloud’ folder automatically, and stored in the app’s local storage.
Looking in there now, I’m not seeing signs of custom suffixed to avoid overwriting — e.g. Kick_1 (1)

So, either I’ve been very lucky so far, or it’s simply overwriting — and there’s a good chance that Auxy has silently been screwing up my Auxy projects for quite a while.

I’ll try to do a test to confirm soon, but if that’s the case, that’s pretty bad.

Hey, @lenberg.
Could you possibly explain the process?