Quality Music Visualization Renders for Cheap?

Does anyone know of any good and preferably free audio visualiser apps on iOS that also works with Auxy?

It’s browser based, but check out Cables.


You’re going to be VERY hard pressed to find anything good on iOS that’s free. On desktops, there’s usually all kinds of great options. Or at least a few good options. On iOS, anything good isn’t free.


This looks insane!
I looked into it, and used it a bit, but it was a bit too complicated for me, as a beginner.
I will watch tutorials and stuff though, do you have anything you made by “cables”? (Preferably With music made with Auxy) @blakkaz

It’s only been in public beta for a week or so, so I’ve only just started with it myself…

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There are no truly good, truly customizable visualizer makers on iOS that I have found. I’ve looked pretty hard. Klevgrand has one called Wizibel that people seem to appreciate but many have said that the themes are limited and it’s been out for a while now. For a truly customizable visualizer, we need a particle fx app that has audio reactive abilities built in and isn’t a pain to work with. This is definitely a gap in the market, in terms of user friendly visual animation with audio programs. Maybe there’s something on desktop. But I’m sure many would appreciate, for example, not having to learn After effects or some other complicated thing, when all we want are some cool swooshes and whooshes that play along with the music. Should be simple, but nobody’s done it it seems. And beware of visualizer apps with tons of gorgeous visuals where nothing is actually reacting to the music save for the little spectrum bar pasted over all the really cool stuff.

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Seconded. My friend has a Galaxy S8 and he makes 1080p Trap Nation visualizers for my videos with no cost. So full the full Auxy + visualizer thing can be done genuinely as long as you have both an iOS device and an Android OS device… in my own opinion theres no point looking for free visualizers for iOS like i used to because Apple hardware just doesn’t like to support third-party services that much.

Fruity Loops Studio Demo Edition allows you to use the Audio Visualizer and export it for free.

if anyone’s still looking for visualizers n stuff…

This isn’t strictly visualization, but I’ve been experimenting with Glitch Studio and Disflow, both for iOS. They’re good for making short animations based on a picture, which could be used for a YT audio background or Spotify Canvas, whenever the heck that gets released.


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