Quality Music Visualization Renders for Cheap?


Just use Adobe After Effects, they have a free trial. You can use that and see if you like it. That’s what I use. I’ll put a video of an example as soon as possible)


I’ll check it out. Thanks dude


Bro, save up! Auxy is great, but it sure can’t beat a DAW.


IDK tho
insert profile link of some Auxy producer
insert profile link of some Auxy producer

That’s as good as any DAW imo


You can’t mix or master in Auxy. You can in a DAW

But, then again, I don’t want Auxy to mix or master. I want Auxy to be Auxy.


I don’t want Auxy to mix or master. I want Auxy to be Auxy.

I’d much rather Auxy prioritise being the best creative tool it can be, focussing on possibilities – with ‘good enough’ mix/master finishing built in for those who want to release directly from Auxy.


sorry for digging up old thread.

I found this website which looks very cool

I tried one for free, and quality is not bad. Editing was very easy. Choose artwork, add title and your logo, music, and done!
I think you should pay some amount(from $15~149, you can choose option that suit your need) to download HD video with no watermark.


I think your solution is Adobe after effects. If you dont want to but Ae just get The free Trial. Its really Simple to do cool and all styles of music visualiser. I did one For myself pretty quickly.


r a i n m e t e r !


Um, no, not for the average person in this community


To explain, Rainmeter is a Windows desktop customization tool that lets you do a lot of stuff, including display a Monstercat-style visualizer on your desktop that visualizes whatever audio is playing on the computer.


I have monstercat visualizer and I would recommend it.


Can I download video file from it? or is it only previewing?
or maybe I can screen capture the visualizer…?



eh, it’s not the best for that actually. other visualizers that have more versatility and hat you can program yourself like ZGameEditor are better for videos and stuff


My favorite is still Aviutl though lol
thanks, I’ll check it out!


That list tho!
I can spend all day all night poking those visualizers…! :star_struck:


Check out http://www.creativeapplications.net as well.
Heaps of inspiring stuff.


Definately my kinda thing!

I’m always facinated by any kinds of visualizer…
I think some of music game apps are also inspiring in term of visualizing musics.
My favorites are VOEZ, Disney Fantasia Music Evolved, Tetris Effect (new!).
(this is out of topic, but you can actually play music game with your own song on “BEAT MP3” or “beat gather”(iphone app). neat.)


When you have to contemplate buying something that’s $7.50