Quality Music Visualization Renders for Cheap?

I have really been wanting to start putting content on my YouTube Channel but I have realized that I need a software that can take music and create a “visualization” of frequency bars on the screen, sorta like how NCS does their music videos. I have searched and searched for a quality software that can accomplish this at a low price (preferably less than 70 USD). Does anyone have or know of a software or similar software to what I’m talking about?

It would be really helpful if anyone who knows anything about this could contribute. Thanks



Fruity Loops comes with a free visualization software. Many promo channels like NCS use it. (not sure if NCS specifically uses it, though.) If you do not have Fruity Loops, you can hire one of the producers on the Auxy Disco that does have it.


Is it a downloadable program? Or something else

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I like it how you guys see $70 as cheap. Or I like how I see $70 as $10000.


Well you see, when it comes to life in general, things always cost money.


no, $200 is cheap.


So what is it @NickElle still haven’t answered my question

You already know my career.

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Sorry, I didn’t see your question. hang on.

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Here is a link: https://www.image-line.com/plugins/Tools/ZGameEditor+Visualizer/

Meanwhile my life savings amounts to a number close to 150 bucks I think of myself with a Lamborghini and a Porsche with my Rolex xD


$1 for me = bloody rich

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When you become a oneaire


Bruh I see $7 as close to $10000000


FL Studio 12 has a visualizer plugin, with some work, you could easily get it similar to NCS’s style.

Are you looking for this kind of thing?

Then you can get it free.
The software is called Aviutl and it’s free video editing software. $0.
This one is originally from Japan, but I’m sure there is English patch of it. So just google “Aviutl English”

This software needs a little bit of time to get used to, but it’s definitely worthy to make efforts.

Also, in case you need any help, I might be able to help you to teach how to do or make some videos. I’m still learning though, at least I can make some music waves and stuff. (I haven’t uploaded any video though, I make some for my enjoyment)

Hope this comment helps you.


Do you have a Mac by chance???

Damn… looks decent

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Magic Music Visuals very good, I used the demo and it worked smoothly. But the demo you cant save anything and doesnt have as many features. Plus after 30 days or so it watermarks it.

I think it costs around $50. Definitely less than after effects

If you get it, I’d be up to teach you some cool stuff I figured out about it, because you kinda have to find everything yourself, and it takes a while to get exactly what you’re looking for

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Lol not when you’re 13 it’s not. I was actually going to save up for FL but I found auxy