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Anyway, someone who I assume is a user of this forum made a video about me. I thought it was pretty funny, maybe you wanted to take a look too!


What should we do tho? People are thinking it’s me but it actually isn’t. I uploaded a day ago. Check the channel and see for yourselves. Whoever this is, he should be exposed. Your music is calming and chill which makes it a pretty great thing!

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@Dadmother, what do you think should we do to him? Suspension or Ban?

And here’s the proof that I don’t have a channel called “Lord of the beats”.

Ok honestly I thought it was ITJ but now I’m confused about who it is


This is what a loser does

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I thought it might be Chip just trolling, but he knows crystal has posted other projects to the forum, especially in the past. And it doesn’t sound like chip would do this unironically without confirming he was making a joke.

It’s pretty funny though. Can’t wait until he finds andrewadams’s joke project.

hahahahahahhahahaha this is really funny

how mundane must their life be to make that


dang this guy must really like you

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can we lure them out? theres no way this guy is older than 12

well it’s funny, this man have right about your Auxy demo, but it doesn’t need to do a public video for that. And only one song don’t defined an artist. I’m sure you have progress since, every producer have begin like this. And happy new year.

lol this kid trashes tons of my work on YouTube and sc

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i bet that guy uses medly :grimacing:


I think I know who it is… but I have to keep digging. im very close to finding out who it is, but im not going to say the name until I am positive

That’s going to far even for him

It’s you isn’t it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

uh no XD

Just read through the entire comment section and i am in great pain


it might be a guy called Aether. Aether used to go around commenting mean and hurtful things on auxy made songs on soundcloud.

Lord of the beats (the kid that made the video) joined YouTube August 10th and posted it. the same time Aether started saying crap about everything

lord of the beats comments and how he phrases them seems to match how Aether phrases his sentence.

now, he might be on the forum, but he recently changed his name to Aether so it could be anyone on here.

im not entirely sure its him, but its starting to make sense to me (imo)

ima keep looking and see what I find

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