Quality Control


What are the bugs?

  1. got no idea what causes this, but sometimes, when i just open the app, it crashes. it opens no problem right after though.

  2. there are times where i might have some bg audio through spotify or something, and my projects won’t play, even when i open other projects.

i don’t know if this is already fixable in the current version, but it happens from time to time and it’s just a minor irritation


Yeah, this happens to me too a lot


Which does and how much is “a lot”?


Both, and maybe once or twice a day. By a lot, I mean these occur more than any other bug I’ve found.


Speaking of audio bugs, does anyone else have a problem where the first note of an instrument doesn’t play when a scene goes to the next scene?


But Can u tell me in what certain situations it happened to you??


yeah, that happened to me too a couple of times, but i thought it was by bluetooth headphones


It happens whenever I press play and listen to the scenes. I always have to pause the audio then press play again for it to play all the notes in a scene.


It could be audio latency issue on Bluetooth Devices


Very weird !!
I think it’s better you send the log file to the developer
So that they can then sort out this problem easily


Will do!


Same here. And sometimes the first note doesn’t show that it’s playing(not highlighted on the loop).


Yeah same here, but sometimes it’s just random notes that don’t show they are playing


For me, it also sometimes happens in the second measure, not the first one.


Sometimes that happens to me. Not recently, though.


I’m always down to Beta Test


Please send an email to support and explain more! Great if you could make a screen capture video when this happens and attach that as well. And maybe send the project so we can reproduce it. Thanks!


I’ll send a project I have because it’s had the most glitches I’ve ever experienced. The audio cuts out, sometimes there’s a delay when it goes to the next scene and so on.


You need to be more specific about the issue though. The problem with notes not playing when the scene changes is different from audio cutting out. Could you please also send screen capture video to explain further?