Quality Control


We need them all
More and more Auxians part of beta testing = More chances of founding all Bugs in ap


The number of users on the forum is only a small percentage of the actual Auxy userbase, although lately it’s not as big a gap as it used to be.

it’s kinda the reason why BTC was dropped as it wasn’t engaging enough of the userbase


I would definitely want to help and would be very happy to be part of beta test.
I hope u consider me @lenberg


I would definitely be interested in doing beta testing. I’m not as interested in new features as I am in maintaining coherent work flow (which is not to say I don’t appreciate new features).


I’m ready to help you out.


I’d love to help out in testing!


Just remember, it’s not really beta testing anymore if every single Auxy user is testing. :wink:




But I think there are already very less active regular members on Disco
BTW Beta Testing can be done on large scale and
it is done.
For Example- Edjing when launched version 5 and They invited thousands of users to beta test their app.

Remixlive for Android also invited millions from Google Play and selected thousands of them to beta test . Not Sure on iOS
These are few of them

Not Thousands but Auxy could have 100 users at least to beta test their app


also just in general game/game companies give out a LOT of copies to people for beta testing.




Of Course! There are many Big Software Companies which distributes their Applications or Games globally to millions of people to beta test their app.

I remember when Imageline launched beta version of FL Studio 12 globally to beta test their software and report bugs if any found.
We got full functionality of software temporarily even if we didn’t own the paid licence of it.


There is a difference between public and private beta.

This image was taken from a short article which does a really good job explaining it:


I heard at one point that there were ~300 users on the forum, so that would be a third of everyone here, but I get what you’re saying


well there’s about 300 “active” users, but overall there’s nearly 2000 accounts.



SensorTower estimates Auxy was downloaded ~60,000 times in January alone.
The disco userbase is a drop in the ocean in the grand scheme of things…


Blakkaz has been downloading all the Auxy.


I’m certain I’m one of those 60k lol. I’m good for it at least once a month :stuck_out_tongue:


I would like to help join the beta testing team. I’ve done some testing for this app in the past and would love to help out more!


i’d definitely love to join in, as there are two bugs that keep recurring, and if i find out what causes them, it could probably help others out