Quality Control


The other device isn’t my iCloud…

I personally do think that the app is usable without premium, but I do admit that it limits ability. If I could, I would do the tests on the device without premium.


Yes yes yes


I have auxy on my Ipad and Iphone… I do most of my auxy work on my Ipad, If I keep my tablet for my normal Auxy workflow, may I use my Iphone for beta testing? Will that mess up any of my projects on my Ipad? If not… I’m in :slight_smile:


If the beta is out via Test Flight then you can use both versions of Auxy at the same time on same device.


No. It will update over existing version of app
Just like u update any other app.


I highly doubt that’s going to happen. Beta applications on test flight, have yellow dots near the apps indicating that its not on app store and can be used without affecting the live version as a different app.


i’d love to help


IVORY?? :fearful::thinking:


Lmaooo. thats not me XD.


Thats just how disco sends notifications, and it wouldn’t show any other first name than the one you have provided


look at the song hes listening to…
thats the thing…


I would definitely love to help! I use the app almost every day, so I would definitely be able to make some time. My question though is: can I unlink my iCloud account and disable sync for a specific device? I am thinking that I could run beta versions on one device with testing and all, and then my other projects on the official version on a different device. That way, I could have two different workflows: one for my own projects and one for beta testing.

If this is possible, I would definitely love to join the testing team, and if not, then I can probably find another solution and still participate!


It’s better if I get to address questions like these since otherwise you just risk confusing people. Thanks!


This is possible and we’ll help you work out how to beta test without messing up your projects in either way. :slight_smile:


i like the sound of that, if so id be willing too


Ah, that’s awesome. In that case, I’d really like to join the team and help out!


I would like to join :slight_smile:


Right lol


I would be happy to help if you think I’d be up to the task :stuck_out_tongue:

Always looking for ways to give back to the community and devs


At this point the beta will be like an open update considering how many people want to test…