Quality Control


Indeed! Although to clarify, we have never (I think) broken anyone’s projects in a way that is not possible to fix. Especially since you can backup the projects before installing any new version.

And, as mentioned above, we will soon be able to run the beta alongside the normal version, which will a) make it impossible to break your “normal projects” and b) let you finish up time sensitive stuff by jumping back to the normal app.


Dead honest? I have no idea what i’d be doing


Breaking projects is more theoretical than actually happening in practice. At least you can, and should, always have stuff backed up regardless of beta or not. But especially when installing a beta. And, as mentioned, soon you can run beta independently of the normal version and just import stuff that you test with.


Sounds good- I’ll play it safe for now but once you’re beta can be run along side the actual Auxy I’d be more than welcome to provide insight with new features!


I’d be interested in doing this.


i’d be happy to help in any way possible, hopefully you’ll consider me


I was voted most likely to break your app and send a detailed bug report in my high school yearbook.

I’m already beta testing a number of apps, and have a device to spare.
Happy to add Auxy to the list.


I’d always be interested in helping you guys!


I really miss beta testing this app, if I’m completely honest. I really want to help you guys out in making this app better than it’s desktop counterparts.


I’m down to help if further testing is necessary :slight_smile:


Definitely willing to test out Auxy in its beta stage. I’ll be very to make Auxy most stable and bug free and help out it’s developers @lenberg and @Fredrik as much as I can.
I don’t care about my any project broken or project loss while testing, because all my projects are already backed up separately.

You all might think me as a new user but I’m not I’ve been using Auxy since last 4 years and part of Auxy Disco for more than a year and reported couple of bugs and requested many features and crafted ConceptUI Features and Suggestions for Auxy.
You can say that I’m like “old wine packed in new bottle” :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Would beta testing require the premium version? I would like to keep my “projects” Auxy strictly for projects, so unless I could do the testing on a second device (without premium, I’m not made of $$ :cry:), I don’t think I could be of use. I do want to help in any way I can though!


I would personally put myself out for doing this, but I don’t see myself being that good of a beta tester. Back when I did beta test the app originally I didn’t do much in terms of actually testing it, and while I certainly would do a lot more now that I know what to do I just don’t see myself being that good of a fit. I also know I’d end up coming off really negatively without meaning to and end up causing unnecessary friction xD

If you’re looking for things in other forms of quality control, such as a creative consultant of sorts, I’d be much more willing to help out in that regard, as I feel that I along with others like Blakkaz and ICS would be of great use in that department.

To those who do get picked for beta testing - good luck, have fun, and remember to be fair and honest!


If you subscribe you will have premium on all your devices, regardless of beta.

We’re not going to affect the iCloud projects eventually.


What if I beta test without having premium currently?


On that topic, do you think the app is any usable without premium in general? Just curious because from our perspective we think we have locked the app to a degree where using it without the subscription shouldn’t be very interesting for someone who’s experienced.


I’m down 100 percent.
Although, I may need to upload some stuff before I undertake this.


I would love to beta test if it need be, it’d be a good way to help out with the app and pick out the bugs that we can find :+1:t3:


To that degree, you guys pretty much got it right. The app is still useable, but i find myself being able to have less variation in what i can do with it the longer i use it.

what one gets for the subscription vs without it is still totally worth the $5, just not for me currently for how much I use the app.


This is great! I’m interested. Love testing things out. I don’t know where to start but yeah.