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This post could have been titled Wanna help beta test Auxy? but I’m trying to not draw too much attention from people who think beta testing is all about getting early access to new features. In reality, testing early versions is often quite painful and it requires a serious effort to be a good beta tester.

We want to form a new beta testing group that helps us making sure every release has the highest possible quality and work as any experienced user would expect.

If you think that interrupting your everyday Auxy workflow by installing new versions that might break your projects and be full of bugs, and sending us detailed reports in order to fix everything, sounds like your cup of tea, let me know in the comments below!


Can the version installed through test flight co-exist with the normal app store version?


Actually, yes!

The way things work today with iCloud sync makes it tricky to install the beta as a separate app. However, we’re reworking project and sample management (more on that soon), which will allow for running a separate beta version side by side with the App Store version.

So thanks for bringing that up!


Cool. With that said I would be interested. Even if normal production version can’t intermingle super nicely I’ll just back up all my stuff somewhere else in the Files app


This will be a breeze soon as well. :slight_smile:


Nice! The existing way of doing it isn’t terrible, there are other apps that are MUCH UGLIER. But, I’ll stop now at the risk of derailing this lol…


I would love to.


Can confirm. Beta testing breaks things, and isn’t always smooth. So if you are planning on releasing songs or doing any other time sensitive things, I recommend you don’t beta test.


I would definitely be intrested in this!


Can you elaborate on “breaking projects”? Like the new sounds will sometimes render some projects inaccessible?


I’d think more related to features being introduced and less related to soundpacks that are available


I’m interested in helping out, I’d be happy to help improve Auxy for the better :+1:


Moving all of my existing projects elsewhere is something I’ve been meaning to do anyway :smile:


For example, the new sample pack. When we were testing ways to make it easier to use, the projects made using them in the beta were lost because they changed order or were removed etc. With the current beta, I got a bunch of duplicates/accidental multiples and projects were hard to work on iteratively in my workflow, and samples disappeared from every project for about two days.


I think it’s good to make it clear to anybody who doesn’t realize it that beta testing can be fun at first but it’s a lot of work :slight_smile:

and a lot of lost work :joy:


When I’m on break at work, I use Auxy. Lunch? Auxy. Off of work? Auxy.

I absolutely love using Auxy, sometimes I’m at work just humming a melody excited to use Auxy.

Point is, I’ve been trying to figure out how to help all of you (the developers) in every way I can. Suggesting features, sound packs, contacting janitors if something seems off, and well, frankly, beta testing, whether it destroys my projects or not would be something I’d be more than honored to do, as I’d be helping all of you and, the future of such a unique and magnificent application.


To add on to this discussion, you may need space on your phone to send screen recordings of bugs/issues etc.


Hello Everyone! I’m looking forward to testing out Auxy. Looks like I’ll be backing up my projects first prior to testing. :grin:


I’d definitely be willing to help out. I don’t have many time sensitive projects I’m working on right now, so I’m pretty open to helping out.


Great idea recruiting some more beta testers. Sounds like it’d definitely help to have a few more pairs of eyes on the new features.

With that said, I’d be interested in helping to beta test early new versions of Auxy. :slight_smile: