Prysm - Letting Go [Melodic Future Bass]

Please help me guys I spent weeks working on this track and perfecting it, and it’s capped at 8 plays (most of which from myself). I’m honestly considering giving up music. I hate putting so much effort into tracks just to see them circle the drain the second I put them out.

OK, a few tips…

  1. Add the genre to your track post here. It helps fans of that genre quickly spot tracks they might like, making them more likenly to check it out.
    Fwiw, your track is Future Bass (or close to it. It’s not my genre.) Future Bass is quite popular here, so adding the Future Bass genre in your post title might help attract interest.
    My advice would to update the title of this thread, replacing the call for help with proper genre tags - e.g. [Future Bass, EDM]. Then replace the begging and self-pity in the post itself with some stuff like what inspired this track. Anything cool you learned or are particularly proud of about the track, etc… Y’know, positive stuff. :+1:

  2. Post about your track here as soon as it’s up on SC. Don’t rock up a couple of days later begging for plays. You’ve got a few followers, but not every follower will check it out, especially in the first couple of days and especially if those first days are also the weekend.

  3. Consider inviting feedback. Future Bass isn’t my genre, but your track sounded good and certainly had a strong core. Still, I think there would be opportunities to improve it, such as with the transitions, especially when moving into the drop(s). I’m sure there are some here who would happily share tips on how to tighten things up.

  4. Engage properly with this community. It seems like this is your first engagement with the community since early January. You increase your chances of people engaging with your music if you engage with them. It’s like walking up to a bunch of strangers and begging for a favour. So, don’t be a stranger. :wink:

  5. What other stuff have you done to actively promote the track (outside of this forum)? Have you posted about it on your social channels? You need to be more pro-active about promoting your music if you want to increase your play numbers. Look for good ways to increase awareness of your music. Start by checking out some posts in the Branding & Distribution section.

Side-note: if you’re logged into SoundCloud when listening to your own tracks, those plays won’t be added to your play number. So, while 8 plays isn’t huge, it’s likely that they’re all from other listeners.

If you read these tips, understand the advice and make the recommended changes. I’ll delete this reply. :+1: